Hayli Lorin, the 16-year-old street rat and shape-shifter mage, is one of the main protagonists in the Madness Method series. She is the first Hole rat to meet Tarik after his debut on the streets as Taumir/Shade, and quickly finds herself swept into the whirlwind of his life.

Description Edit

Hayli is a girl of middling height, slim like all the Hole rats from their poor diets, but a bit stockier than some of the girls. She is a tomboy by nature and has a tomboyish figure. She tends to keep her brown hair short, just above shoulder-length, to keep it out of her way. Her eyes are brown, and like most Cavners she is fairly pale. She most often wears boy's clothes — waistcoat, breeks and boots — not feeling particularly comfortable or confident in more feminine dress.

She is a shape-shifter, and her animal nature is a common crow.

Personality Edit

Hayli is a spit-fire, with a tendency to be a bit tart and reclusive. It isn't so much that she doesn't care about other people — in fact, she cares about them deeply — but her lifelong self-doubt and lack of confidence have left her defensive and unwilling to trust. She has a strong moral code and sense of justice, and is also intuitive and sensitive to the motives, needs, and feelings of others to the point of being almost empathic.

Hayli is a turbulent INFP personality type, preferring to keep to herself but willing to step up when other people rely on her. Her leadership abilities are hampered, however, by her inability to acknowledge her own strengths — or believe that other people see strength in her at all.

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